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Customer Experience ideas, best practices and industry success stories. New episodes, including my mini CX Masterclasses published every Thursday.
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I launched Decoding the Customer in 2017 to create a platform for me and my guests to share our thoughts around the topic of Customer Experience. Over the years I’ve interviewed leaders in their fields such as Andrew Smith from Yuppiechef, Iain Meaker from Comair and Luisa Mazinter from TymeBank.

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Customer journey optimization via the VOC feedback loop: CX Mini Masterclass – E75

By Masterclasses, Podcasts
This CX Mini Masterclass explains the concept of the Voice of Customer (VOC) Feedback Loop and why this is important for customer journey optimization. It’s one thing to map the customer journey, it’s another to improve customer experiences on an ongoing basis. Show host and customer experience expert, Julia Ahlfeldt, defines the VOC Feedback Loop and shares some practical tips for implementing a framework for continual journey optimization. If you’re looking for guidance on how to move journey management from haphazard to gold standard, then this episode is for you. Read More

How to measure customer experience impact: CX Mini Masterclass – E73

By Masterclasses, Podcasts
This CX Mini Masterclass explores practical ideas for how to measure customer experience impact beyond the usual-suspect CX measure like NPS and CSAT. From efficiency gains to market share growth, there are many options for CX professional to demonstrate their value to the business. Show host and customer experience expert, Julia Ahlfeldt, shares tips for how to measure and quantify the impact of your CX efforts. If you’re tired of being shackled to your CSAT or Net Promoter Score and want some inspiration on how to demonstrate the business impact of CX, then this episode is for you. Read More

What is a customer advisory board: CX Mini Masterclass – E72

By Masterclasses, Podcasts
This CX Mini Masterclass explores the concept of a customer advisory board (aka customer advisory council) as a Voice of Customer methodology that can yield incredibly rich insights and strengthen relationships with influential customers. Show host and customer experience expert, Julia Ahlfeldt, shares insights on where customer advisory boards are best suited as a VOC approach, and some practical tips to consider if starting one. If you’re looking for a quick yet comprehensive overview of the concept of a customer advisory board and some practical ideas that you can take back to the office, then this episode is for you. Read More

How rituals fortify customer experience as a competitive advantage: CX Mini Masterclass – E70

By Masterclasses, Podcasts
This CX Mini Masterclass explores the concept of organizational rituals and the role they play in reinforcing culture and strengthening customer experience as a competitive advantage. Show host and customer experience expert, Julia Ahlfeldt, shares some findings from her recent research on team rituals in the business context. If you are keen to learn about this cutting edge topic and hear some tips for shaping customer-centric rituals in your organization, then this episode is for you. Read More

The customer promise clarifies “What is great customer experience”: CX Mini Masterclass – E69

By Masterclasses, Podcasts
This CX Mini Masterclass defines the concept of the Customer Promise and explores why it’s important for organizations to define “What is Great Experience” in the context of their brand. Show host and customer experience expert, Julia Ahlfeldt, dissects an example customer promise and shares tips on how to develop your own. If you’ve been looking for clarity on yet another popular CX buzzword and would like to learn about why it’s so important to create a customer promise in the first place, then this episode is for you. Read More

Airline customer experience management: interview with Iain Meaker – E17

By Expert Interviews, Podcasts
Iain Meaker, the Executive Manager for Tourism & Hospitality at Comair/British Airways shares his thoughts on what’s unique about airline customer experience management and the broader travel industry. Iain discusses how the organization’s purpose statement of “we lift you up” permeates the business and provides a platform for employee and shareholder engagement. Julia and Iain explore how Comair has grown and innovated around the needs of customers and what it means to operate multiple brands under one roof. Julia shares her plan for more CX Mini Masterclass episodes during the rest of December.

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Data, insights and B2B customer experience: interview with Andrew Swan – E13

By Expert Interviews, Podcasts
Andrew Swan, Senior Business Intelligence Executive at top global law firm, White & Case, shares insight on B2B customer experience and the role of data in managing client relationships. Julia and Andrew discuss the intersection between data and team culture, and how to keep the marketing team from getting too “creepy” with their info gathering. Julia shares some exciting news about the podcast.

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Next gen employee engagement strategy: interview with CXO Jason Bradshaw – E12

By Expert Interviews, Podcasts
Chief Customer Officer of Volkswagen Australia, Jason Bradshaw, speaks about how the company’s employee engagement strategy has improved customer experiences. Jason asks show host Julia about her views on some of the CX profession’s most burning questions. Together, they unpack a truly horrible car buying experience to determine what went wrong.

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Decoding the Customer – a series of customer experience podcasts

By Expert Interviews, Podcasts

Yesterday was international podcast day. I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to reflect and share a quick overview of Decoding the Customer, my program of customer experience podcasts.

Julia’s series of customer experience podcasts are available on iTunes, Android, Google Podcasts and Spotify.

As I’ve interacted with customer experience professionals here in Southern Africa and across with world, I’ve seen there is a massive appetite to learn about the rapidly-evolving field of CX work and to understand what other CX practitioners are doing to drive customer-centricity in their organizations. I have also observed that while many of the insights and examples have originated from the US, there is a massive opportunity to highlight creative and innovative work happening in other markets. Outside of the US, CX is still relatively new in many regions, but there is exciting work under way. The path to customer-centricity may vary based on the context of the market, so my aim is to highlight examples of CX excellence from around the world.

My vision for the program

In two words: thought sharing. I’d like to connect people from around with world with ideas, information and inspiration about customer experience management. In my mind, customer experience podcasts are the ideal medium for this. Podcast episodes are bite-sized chunks of highly curated content that the busy CX professional or executive can absorb on the go.

Having been an avid podcast listener for years, I’ve tried to create Decoding the Customer as the type of program that I’d personally want to listen to. Taking a page from CX best practices, I have endeavored to put myself in your (the listener’s!) shoes when I create each and every episode.

The types of customer experience podcasts you can expect

At the moment, the program features customer experience podcasts in 3 different formats:

In the coming months, I’m also hoping to launch a series of CX mini masterclasses. These episodes will provide short (5-15 minute) lessons on key CX concepts. These episodes will be designed specifically for those wanting to learn more about CX. #Watchthisspace or subscribe for email updates when new episodes go live.

Have your say

If you have ideas, suggestions or questions about my customer experience podcasts, please get in touch. This program is made by a CX professional for other CXers. Your feedback helps me improve the program!

Decoding the Customer is a customer experience podcast created and produced by Julia Ahlfeldt, CCXP. Julia is a customer experience strategist, speaker and business advisor. As an expert in customer experience management, and she has helped global brands understand the needs of their customers and drive value through customer-centricity. For more information about Julia’s services, click here. To explore more episodes of Decoding the Customer, click here. The program is also available on iTunes, Android, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, TuneIn and Spotify.

Yuppiechef, a customer experience leader: interview with CEO Andrew Smith – E11

By Expert Interviews, Podcasts
CEO of Yuppiechef, Andrew Smith, shares his perspective on customer empathy, the future of retail, and integrating CX as a secret ingredient for differentiation. The South African retailer, Yuppiechef, is truly a customer experience leader, and host Julia guides us through a conversation about how this company’s success has been fueled by customer experience.

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