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Customer Experience ideas, best practices and industry success stories. New episodes, including my mini CX Masterclasses published every Thursday.
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I launched Decoding the Customer in 2017 to create a platform for me and my guests to share our thoughts around the topic of Customer Experience. Over the years I’ve interviewed leaders in their fields such as Andrew Smith from Yuppiechef, Iain Meaker from Comair and Luisa Mazinter from TymeBank.

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What is customer experience: CX Mini Masterclass – E14

By Masterclasses, Podcasts
The inaugural episode of Julia’s CX Mini Masterclass series tackles a question that goes straight to the heart of CX: What is customer experience? This topic can feel vague and the concept is often misconstrued, so CX expert and show host Julia Ahlfeldt cuts through the jargon to provide clarity.

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