Consumer behavior is different in developing markets. There is no denying it. Business strategies that work in developed economies such as the US and Europe, can succeed in Africa too, but some tailoring is required. I was recently asked to provide my perspective on how travel providers can establish an omnichannel customer experience that are ideal for the South African market.

The travel industry was one of the first sectors to be impacted by the advent of digital consumption, though airlines and other travel providers are now realizing the importance of curating an omnichannel experience that meets consumer needs and lives up to the brand promise. There are some parts of the customer journey that need to happen in person.

Cash-on-delivery has been quite popular with South African online shoppers. While this option wouldn’t fly in the US (no pun intended), South African are sometimes wary of online payment options. They also have have less access to credit, so payment on delivery gives consumers a few days of breathing room between the order and time of payment. This approach could easily be applied to the travel industry, and would enable engagement with younger consumers who want to browse and order online, but would still prefer to pay in person.

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