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Innovation, disruption and staying relevant in the Age of the Customer: interview with Roger Norton – E02

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In August 2017, I had the opportunity to speak with Roger Norton about fintech disruption and the future of the financial services sector. Roger is the CEO of Playlogix, co-founder of the Lead Iterator, and author of the book: Start Here: A quick guide to building tech startups. He’s passionate about technology, and its potential to change Africa. He focuses on startups as a vehicle for innovation and has built over 40 tech products in 4 years at Playlogix.

Roger has also collaborated with some of South Africa’s most prominent banking brands as they evaluated and launched strategies to improve their participation in innovation. Given his involvement with both startups and huge corporations, Roger brings a unique perspective to the topic of driving CX change through innovation.

While not a CX specialist per se, there were many parallels between Roger’s work, and the responsibilities of a CX professional. We discussed the definition of disruption, why big organizations struggle to innovate, and the business case for change. In the Age of the Customer, companies need to constantly innovate the customer experience, and is his insights are valuable for anyone looking to help brand retain relevance amid a world of change.

Roger Norton, CEO Playlogix

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